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NQF’s Measure Inventory Pipeline


NQF’s Measure Inventory Pipeline—funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)—is a virtual space for developers to share information about measure development activities. The Pipeline will display data on current and planned measure development, and allow developers to share successes and challenges. The Pipeline will also help developers connect and collaborate with their peers on development ideas, which in turn will promote harmonization and alignment of measures. In addition, the information provided in this pipeline will be reviewed and help inform measures under consideration for future use in Federal programs. This Pipeline will supplement CMS’ existing Measure Pipeline and allow developers to more broadly share information with their peers. You can access the CMS Measure Pipeline here.

Information shared in NQF’s Pipeline will be available in real time and can be revised at any time, should developers wish to update their submission. We encourage developers to browse through the list of measure concepts and see what others are working on. If you are interested in communicating with other measure developers, please indicate so on your measure concept submission form.

We hope you find this tool useful. Any feedback is appreciated and may be sent to  

By continuing with this voluntary submission process, you are agreeing to make the submitted information public. Sharing this information will advance measurement, including informing measure gap and harmonization discussions. Please note that the information you enter through this pipeline will not be evaluated by steering committees against the NQF measure evaluation criteria.

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