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Welcome to the NQF Graphics and Fact Sheets Library!

Feel free to use these graphics and fact sheets in your work. To download a high-quality graphic, click on the file name and select OK at the prompt. Once the file is open, right click on the image and choose the "Save picture as..." option to save locally. Fact Sheets are pdf files: click on the file name to open, then save a copy locally.
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NOTE: All reproductions and republications must show the following credit line: Copyright ©2014 National Quality Forum.

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 Graphics and Fact Sheets

A factsheet summarizing NQF work related to health information technology, patient care, and quality measurement.
Join the NQF Quality Community! Brochure for prospective members of NQF.
NQF Member Relations
An introduction to NQF's new Health Equity Program
Health Equity Program
(pdf print version, 17in by 11in) The timeline shows the start and end dates of current NQF projects under task orders active as of November 2017
Member relations
A factsheet describes NQF's strategic direction for the years 2016 through 2019.
Introduced at the 2016 Annual Conference. Updated 1/2018.
Highlights of NQF work in 2015 included NQS recommendations, improving quality and efficiency in measurement, recommending measures for use in federal programs, indentifying measure gaps in HHS programs, coordinating with measurement initiatives implemented by other payers, and moving the field of measurement science forward.
public outreach
This infographic  explains the positive effects performance measurement has had on reducing the number of hospital acquired infections, particularly CLABSIs, in the United States.
Field Guide
This diagram illustrates the relationship of cost and resource use to Efficiency and Value. Efficiency can be defined broadly as the resource use (or cost) associated with a specific level of performance or quality. Time is sometimes used to define efficiency when determining efficiency of throughput processes or applying time-driven activity based costing methods.  Resource use measures can also be used to assess value by integrating stakeholder preference-weighted assessments of the quality and cost performance (i.e. efficiency).
MAP Pre-Rulemaking Report: 2013 Recommendations on Measures Under Consideration by HHS
This infographic explains what performance measures are, how they work, and outlines three different types of performance measures that NQF endorses.
Field Guide