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Welcome to the NQF Graphics and Fact Sheets Library!

Feel free to use these graphics and fact sheets in your work. To download a high-quality graphic, click on the file name and select OK at the prompt. Once the file is open, right click on the image and choose the "Save picture as..." option to save locally. Fact Sheets are pdf files: click on the file name to open, then save a copy locally.
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 Graphics and Fact Sheets

Infographic describes two different scenarios of treatment of a heart attack. ‌In the first, Door-to-Balloon quality guidelines are met, but in the second,  treatment does not occur with 90 minutes.  Outcomes are better when NQF measure #0163 Door-to-Balloon is met.
Public outreach
Informational graphic for the NQF Data Initiative.  Healthcare needs to improve and it can. Systems approaches have improved care and can address major healthcare challenges. Patients are a largely untapped resource: expand patient-generated data and ensure data are meaningful to patients. Systems improvement requires good data: integrate multiple data sources and provide timely and clinically relevant feedback. Using good data to accelerate progress remains a national challenge: lack of interoperability, too few tools for clinicians to use data, and difficulty scaling up what works best.
Data Needed for Systematically Improving Healthcare (white paper July 2015)
An infographic describing the process by which Depression Remission at 6 Months became an endorsed measure.
Multi-stakeholder committees review measures against five endorsement criteria: 1) importance to measure and report; 2) scientific accebability of measure properties; 3) feasibility; 4) usability and use; and 5) assess related and competing measures. To receive NQF endorsement, measures must meet all five criteria.
Field Guide
This infographic  explains the positive effects performance measurement has had on reducing the number of hospital acquired infections, particularly CLABSIs, in the United States.
Field Guide
This infographic explores solutions to decrease the number of early elective deliveries of babies in the United States, and the positive outcomes that would result from such a decrease.
Field Guide
This infographic explains what performance measures are, how they work, and outlines three different types of performance measures that NQF endorses.
Field Guide
This infographic shows how Patients’ and Consumers’ perspectives on affordability can vary and that affordability does not exist in a vacuum but can depend on multiple factors.
This infographic explains the aims of the National Quality Strategy - better care, more affordable care, and healthier people and communities, and explains what NQF is doing to help reach these aims.